Fave Show.

Let's start with the whole reason behind this post, the chunky ear rings that are so light but look heavy and the shades that for some reason work. Lol  I kid you not I am obssesed.
I have caught the Kenya Barris bug where I keep on shifting back and forth between Blackish and Grownish. i swear the love is so deep that i do know some lines from (Grownish season one). Lets be honest for a sec here, if you have watched any between the two then you know about the topics covered while still  making it light and understandable and apart from that, the fashion.

Girl! the twins from grownish ahhhh!!(Chloe and Hale), Zoey and Rainbow from Blackish (Tracee Elis Ross) are my top fashion ladies.

Tell me what you think.
can we talk about how Bow dresses. She is the true inspiration behind this look. The chilled sneakers finishing looo is something that I have adopted ALLL the way through, I love by this look especially when going to work.
Everything is thrifted.
Yes even the bag.

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