Let's Journal

 My journey with journling started last year around June and I must say it was hard at first but I am confidwntlg saying thats ans finally getting the hang of it.
I was looking for a way to get myself, both body and spirit, organized and when my pintrest and tumblr feed kept on having personal Journaling pictures and videos I got in to it and now almost a year later I am seeing the benefit of it.
Did I say it's VERY therapeutic!!!!

My life is less messy than before, (I am still learning lol). The putting down of what needs to be done and when has me kicking life's butt! (Most part of it).

I can finally beat deadlines and definitely do more than what I used to do before plus the bonus of getting to write, pen and paper, that's if you love the whole idea of writing on paper. If you are not into the whole writing thing you can get an app, there's like a whole bunch of them on play store.
A simple rulled book was my pick, I mean I get to choose the layout, do you know how fun that is. I CAN CHANGE THE LAYOUT EACH MONTH!!

If I was to advice you, get yourself journling and you won't regret it three months down the line. Just get the information you need so as to get started and I have to warn you, you might not like it at first.
If you want to see my layout comment down bellow.

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