What I have learnt so far

It's my birthday month, I know it's probably late but I will share what I have learnt as I step in to my new year.

1. Not your way everyday.
We all had plans, I know I do and sometimes they don't go the way we had planned. I used to get frustrated to a low point but once I figured that I don't have control over everything and take each day as a new challenge I am less tensed.
2.Take Risks 
Hey! You only live once and if your heart screams go for it you better do it. So what if you fall? Some hurt pretty bad but what do you do? Get up, clean up and move on.
3. Relax!
Find time to connect with yourself. Chill! There are different ways people do it, reading the Bible, running, walking, hiking, written work and as much as most of what I have stated I do them I usually find myself on the internet looking for new good vibes music. So find your thing and you will find yourself relaxed and more productive after.


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