Chill with me

I think this is going to be a new series. Lol
Hey guys, how have you been? It has been a second since I was last seen here but I had issues that needed to be sorted out first and I can say that it's all good now.
I will
What's new? I found a way to talk to myself and record it. I started a podcast people! Hi, it's All Life is where I get to rant about random totally relatable issues. I won't lie, my friends convinced me to this and I love it. It's new and fun to record it though I have a feeling any one who can hear me laugh so hard.

Want? I want a cat, I really need a cat. Truffles will be her name. Yes, I already know I want a she. I mean a lady needs another lady to take care of each other.
Listening: To a lot of Blackbare andPre-Rolled part one by Wiz Khalifa.

Reading? It started with a kiss by Miranda Dickinson. I have been on this book for like a month and I haven't even reached chapter five. And I have six more books waiting for me before the year ends.
I am? In bed, with iSpy by  Kyle and lil Yatchy. I am in a mood to sell and smoke fake weed in my head. Lol oh and I am in bed.

Loving these new slide shoes I bought at a really REALLY GOOD price. I love thrifting. Lol

Loving? My alone time. Any time I get to get away from people for a few minutes, I take it and run like an umpa lumpa high on crack. I love my alone time. I mean you get to hear yourself think,if those drivers can stop hooting for a minute or two.

Learning to take each day as it comes. Yes have a plan but if it doesn't work out after you giving it your all then maybe it's a way of the universe telling you nope. We have a different plan for you. So I try not to beat myself up too much  and take a glass of wine with the only source of light being my candles and acid jazz playing in the background. Dramatic much? Well, I had a dream and it kinda looked like that and yes I am usually in PJs.
Drinking a lot of strawberry tea and water. Time to get the skin to GLOW.

XOXO see you guys next time .

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