When.things get bad they get really bad but that doesn't say you stop everything, get all dramatic and Cry (idk why I picked a scene from a chic flick with ice cream on the floor in teddy pjs) Instead you get up and go to a SOCIAL event like the THRIFT SOCIAL . I mean the ANTI SOCIAL BECOMES SOCIAL RIGHT!?

 How can say it was interesting, I mean I need the air plus the fact that these guys come up theme for every month was perfect. So before you go to their page to get all the info I am going to be that awesome person and tell you more. It's a monthly event and they have themes (perfect excuse to dress up) . The brains behind it are 2mAny Siblings and I must say the whole fashion and music makes the perfect combination of a good time.
Music was cool, I mean I.loved every last bit of it. I couldn't stop bobbing my head and smiling, at last, I was where I felt like I belonged. I mean I could do this every month. You meet different people and the vendors, omg the vendors(That was one of the reasons I went btw). 

 The art and passion these guys have is unbelievable. The art makes you and relaxed. (That's what I felt lol) all in all if you are in Kenya you should make it to go to this event. Check out the THRIFT SOCIAL histogram for more details.
 Gonzala Leather

See you next time there.

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