Saturday Drive.

So on Saturday, in the midst of me trying to figure what my next plan is and what to do next with the tinny little space I had I get a phone call about a random road trip. I had to ask where to and the answer I got made me smile. "Let's see where the road would take us." And with that I hanged up and put on a road trip worthy look.

An hour in we arrive at Sagana Gataway Resort and I have to admit my smile kinda faded, I mean who goes for an hour kinda trip. Anyway why complain and I get car sick after a long drive 😂😂.
We got to the gate and the reception there was amazing. This guy was so nice for anything. "Mnaeza niruhusu nianaglie gari yenu" -can you allow me to check your car?" This guy was so polite Yani I felt like giving him a hug.  We get in after the security check and park.

At the reception we get the same treatment. Polite, happy faces that greeted us like 50,000 times. Lol (I might have over done it with the numbers) anyway our waiter comes to get us at the front desk, we just wanted the restaurant.  We get lead down this pathway, that had a freaking huge lizard that scared the hell out of me, to our table that overlooked the pond and that's where our questions started.

They have 100 rooms and they do their own fishing. How amazing! So we get the menus and I swear I heard my stomach rumble and When I looked at the prices I smiled. BUDGET FRIENDLY! I thought.

A glass of wine was brought while we waited for the main course. I ordered grilled chicken with mashroom soup and a side plate of fries. Jack, our waiter comes down with a plate of a half chicken on greens with the soup on the side and fries. Did I smile? I think the guys in Nairobi could see it. So the fork and knife get to working and I take my first bite and that's when the smile faded. Tasteless food. Nasty soggy boring food. No flavour explosion in my mouth I mean no nothing.

The place looks really good, the staff is amazing. I mean I left my bag and Jack brought it to the car where I was but the for section was terrible. I spent an hour to get there and I get crappy food. The chicken tasted of garlic and ginger alone. The fries were hard and not fun to eat. Don't get me wrong I loved the location just wasn't pleased with the food.

The decor was minimal, just how I like it.
 Guys, this is the first post o lifestyle and the whole reason I didn't have food pictures was because my phone was charging g t the moment and by the time it got back I was done. So excuse the fact that the wine glass was empty.
See you on the next post ciao.

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