I won't get to the "it's spring part" coz here in Kenya seasons are like American football, we know it exists but we just don't care and pay attention (I guess) lol plus it's raining  but that didn't stop the feeling of spring in me when I wore this dress.
 The dress is like ten years old...well, not really. It's like  two years. It had been sitting in my idk - what - to- do- with - these - clothes -pile- in -my- closet until I  got this idea of pairing it with my roommates animal print scarf. (Is it only me but is saying animal print an excuse for not exactly knowing the particular animal print on your piece.)

 If you ask me, it was the perfect dress for I want to hang out at cute coffee shops finishing my assignments while enjoying the free Wi-Fi (lol, that's my sad life because that's what I sometimes do and instead of asking for coffee I ask for tea. I have never been a huge fan of coffee.) Anyway, low shoes are the key here and keep the accessories as minimal as possible.

So Xo and tell me what you think.