Blue Shades

 My relationship with denim pants is cray cray, I mean you guys know how much I adore them(if you are a regular here.) I take them as they come, light wash, dark wash, in black in gray I mean any color. I adore them and don't ask me why because if I get deep into it I will loose the direction of this post.

The cut at the knees were a must. I mean what's a DIY on denim without knees cut/slit on them
 The cut off ankles showing fringe edges jeans are kinda the in thing (they have been for a while) and you have seen me rock the pants before but here I chose to make it a bit put together. You know, have an all the way buttoned up shirt that showed some arms (which scream we need to get back to working out lol). Some heels to complete the look and I think this would make the perfect am put up effortlessly look for those days you have no idea what to wear. (There you go my answer to why I love denims. They are perfect for those lazy days.)
Tell me what you think. Xo

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