One skirt four ways

The short deon skirt is back, well it has been in the scene for a while now and your girl was too scared to try it out. Why you may ask? Simply because cowardice had blinded me. My fear was that I would end up looking like a clown BUT after a talk with myself I put on my big shoes and put it on and I fell in love.

So after loving the girl looking back at me in the mirror, I came up with four ways I could rock this vintage skirt, (yes it is old as hell๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ and it was a mid length skirt that had holes in the right place). A snippet here and there have this baby a new look.

Hope you like how I paired it.

1. Cozy
Here I just added a sweater, you know to give it that good girl vibe. The hat was to give the look more definition and well honey I loved it.

Low shoes because? They are comfy. Lol

2.The one shoulder trend.
Which I wore like an off Shoulder, let's just say that we needed it to look like it belonged to the high end street style you see on magazines. You know those shirts that you have no idea how they start or end but still like the way they look? That was what I was going for here and I loved how it came out. That was after pulling the shirt and buttoning only one button, I then tucked the rest on a cris cross way. (Is that how you do it?)

3. Off Shoulder.
Now, if you have been a constant visitor to my blog then you have seen this shirt over ten million times. We'll deal with it, I love this shirt. Lol, it's one of my favorite ones and when I paired it with the skirt and my silver heels it was a match made in fashion heaven.
What's your take?

This one here was a bit of scary, I never thought I'd ever see the day that I'd wear my sports bra other than going to the gym.Lol but,I have to say LeHaute style gave me the confidence I needed.

Abbs be getting back in order.

Tell me what you think and see you later.

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