It's better than nothing

The heading right!? Well I didn't have a camera person so I took these by myself and though, damn! They ain't so bad.

So.lets get to it. Better than nothing,today I will be sharing a few tips on how to be happy. I haven't reached there yet but I am on my way there and I thought let me share.

This is like the main key, getting comfortable with who you are and what you stand for. I can't say that I have reached the Zen of being completely comfortable but it is a working progress and I like every but of it. The key is making yourself happy and putting yourself first.

2. Finding you.
This comes after accepting yourself the way you are and bettering yourself. For example:I am going to use style because this blog was meant for that. Get inspiration from online. I use Pinterest, Tumblr,we ❤it and Instagram. These platforms help out a lot and the interesting thing is that you can share your outfit and see what people think. So if I haven't found my style yet, I would jump on it fast.

3. Giving yourself sometime off.
Sometimes we all just need a break, you know, that time that you either spend doing nothing or reading a book, maybe downing a glass of wine while catching up with the big bang theory.My roommate and I call this time a time to waste time. We all need it. We all need to laugh and forget what's keeping us all night and trust me it is an amazing thing to do and you feel much better after words. Just make sure that you have arranged everything before getting to waste time.

I had just a few to say but trust me, I want this to be something to look forward to again. So see you next time and have an amazing week.

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