Top Favorite apps at the moment.

I will start off this post by saying this is not a a sponsored post, I am simply showing and sharing my favorite apps as per now. I am pretty sure I will change my mind about some of these apps in the near feuture. Why you may ask? Because...people are making better apps all the dang! time.

Let's start with


If you like your aesthetic in a particular way then this app os for you. We all know that VSCO cam got a new upgrade and it ain't anything like what it was. They got rid of the white background that made it look like Instagram. The lovers of keeping everything in order on IG know what I am talking about, but fear not, planolly is here. It looks exactly like IG apart from it having three columns. You can also schedule when you want to post your pictures I mean this thing is a life saver. Best app hands down on my side. Another thing's free.

2. Best Fiends.
  If you have been on YouTube and you follow vlogs like britpop then you have heard of this game. It's true ....looks innocent at fort glance but I swear you will get hooked. Ever since I discovered it I can't stop playing. It is the best thing after candy crush. All you have to do is defeat the slugs. Amazing and free....try it.

Well that's it for the apps that made my list today and I would suggest you check them out. 


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