High Hopes

I am in season three episode 5 of lost (I am finally watching it. Late to the party? I know so wipe that distasteful look off your face) I have pressed the pause button because my mind went to this song orthis for easy YouTube one and it had me thinking of my life.

I won't lie, I feel like crap and I would kill for a day in paradise where time doesn't move to compose and get myself together but since I can't: the song above makes me smile a bit. That and the lyrics even the best fall down sometimes 😆 .

 I have not been a saint, hell I am far away from it but sometimes when things happen you wonder if you are a magnet for bad luck and no progress or Jesus went on vacation on you. The presure the world has on you, to be something, to be someone, to accomplish more than any other person. The presure you have, on this case the presure I have on myself, it's too much. Can someone take me away and walk down the sunset like the hippies we are at heart. I wish I could give everything that everyone wants me to do a middle finger .

Even if the road seems rough and twirly, sometimes I forget but when I remember God, I look up and smile simply because I know he is looking down at his daughter and smiling. He is making me stronger. I hope I can pull through this.

Xoxo .