Casual Cute

Sunday branch or a baby shower this look is a great ensemble. Think about it this way, you want to look cute, show off some skin but still look like you can run a meeting later. Or attending some casual meeting on a Saturday. Can we give a moment to the tied up front part. Cute right?

On the other hand there is the issue of attracting stares form people who think you look all wired differently. If you are wearing anything that is short and different. Like so different than what people are used to and in this case- Shorts- . Then again where is the fun in fitting in?Sometimes we might not agree with it because we end up sounding like mega doutche heads but we like the attention, well, I know sometimes I like it. Deep down in the pit of your heart you like the fact that you made a few heads turn and the fact that you are confident in what you wore and you like's usually middle finger to the heaters.


  1. I love this outfit. The off shoulder top is so cute.