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A few weeks back.....maybe a month or 3/4 of a month ago there was a contest at STYLVO , if you don't know them I suggest you get to clicking and see all the amazing African bloggers, stylist and designers, anyway as I was saying I won a few things from Pauline's cosmetics Kenya and I am here to talk about the pieces I got. 

P.s this ain't no sponsored content.

1.Eye Shadow

 Got two of each, light shade and dark shade. I have never been that girl who applied eye shadow, always scared that I would look like a scare Anyway I love the darker shades, maybe it is coz of my skin but I adore it. I however don't use it as eye shadow I use it as a highlighter. The pink and dark pink go at the tip of my nose and the high cheekbones. Ratchet much? Don't think so. Everyone likes how I look.
I use the light shades as a tear duct highlighter. I will however sit down soon and try to have a full face made up with these They are glittery, that's why I use them as

2. Lip gloss.

Now these here are what I will die for. I love the texture, I love the colours and when you apply the caramel one the brown tone is just golden. In total love.


Let's start with the bristoles, love them . The crease and brow brush are a savoviour in my collection. One word to Pauline cosmetics Kenya, is that they continue doing what they do. I love them.

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