I love you flowery dress

So my love for this dress is really strong. I remember when I got it. Well, I didn't get it exactly, let's just say I went through mum's closet and found this pretty one collecting dust. It was a long a** dress and I didn't like it, the length that is but there was something about the material that was amazing. after having a small talk with my pair of scissors, we decided that it is for the best to *cut it,cut it*. Lol.

Since then honey, I can't seem to get this dress out of my mind. It does so well for casual hung out and errands running. You know those times you want to look put up but not exactly put up? Yes those kinda days. Hell I even wore it on my first date out two years ago. (Yes, it is an old dress, lol)

Tell me what you think and share my work if you liked it. ❤

P.s my love for sneakers is real. Lol

See you next time.💋

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