Neat knit

 have been quiet for a month and I am really sorry, let's just go with the story that I was mega caught up and no wifo for a while to actually put up something but I am back and I want to stay back. I love doing this, it makes me happy and gives me something to do. So if you are in the country especially Nairobi you know the weather has been chilly and everyone is rushing for the heaviest and warmest knit anything that they can get their hands on. Have you walked around town? I love seeing everyone embracing the sweater culture and it is basically becoming a new norm, a beautiful norm.
I can't say I have jumped on the band wagon because I have been on the wagon for a while now and styling sweaters is something I look forward everyday, well since mother nature decided it was good to have our noses cold (Really I am not jocking, my nose gets really cold.) Here is how I styled one one for a not so cold day out.


  1. Nice!

  2. Nairobi cold these days is so serious. Love how you styled the sweater, and where in Nairobi are you? Didn't know we are in the same country.

  3. Welcome back girl! I adore this look, especially your mom jeans. Great creativity in styling the sweater slightly off one shoulder. I look forward to seeing more ways in which you style this piece.

    Princess Audu