My guide to vintage denim pants

Vintage denim pants, you see them everywhere and if you are looking to score one, two or maybe twenty like I do then this post will help you.

The place you can get a good pair at a good price is a thrift store and if you are in Kenya you know I mean Gikomba and toi market. The thrift stores alwyas have the best ones. From different colors and fits.

You proberbly are wondering how to get the perfect waist fit? Well do what I do, take the waist and try it around your neck of it fits then it is good for your waist.

 Another thing is that go with different colors but keep the colors simple . Different shades of blue and whites and maybe olives grays and browns. You know the tones am talking about.

If you know what you are going to do and what you are looking for you need to have patience. Girl you need to grab your bucket of patience and have it all the way full because it takes time to get a good pair.

If you get these tips then go and get your good pair of vintage jeans.


  1. Great tips indeed.

    1. Thank you Kobi, am glad you found them helpful.