My 2 tea recipes for the rainy day

 If you stay around NAirobi or Kenya in general then you know about the weather, rainning ike crazy right? funny thing is that i liked it at first but after the fact that it rainned the whole day of Saturday, i am kind of starting to take back my words. lol. 
It is kind of hard to keep on drinking water all the time with the rain and thats why I am here to help the few who need it. Tea time talk, more like me sharing my recepies.
I am more of  a  tea person than a coffee person but thus post wont diss coffee and try to make all the coffee lovers switch and see the light that tea holds but I will write the fact that tea has been used in many cases to help with the getting rid of belly fat and ditoxing. I wont get down to all the deatils about how it works because this isn't one of those posts plus these are my own recipies and not the real green tea. the benefits howwever include that you get warm, feel good;especially if you are into the whole naural Do It Yourself road and did I mention that they are sweet, so lets get started
  1.   The Mulberry leves, Mint and Lemon.
If you are familiar with the mulberry tree then this is for you, I am possitive that you wont find the fresh leaves in the grocery stores or supermart, hell i am not that sure if you will find the dried version either but wht I do know is that if you get yor hands on the leaves of this tree take some and make some tea. now the taste alone isnt that pleasing and thats why I put in some mint and lemon for spicing up the taste.
Yes, the berries are eaten and hey I love them and when mum taught me how to make tea using the leaves I have been doing that most of the time. I am sorry I couldnt take the pictures of the berries because they are flowering now. The picture of the finished tea should be brown but the way I do it is that I boil water first then put everything when the water is in my cup, I just hate the taste when everything boils up. you can do it howver you like and have an awsoe cup of tea.


  • Ginger, Cinnamon, Mint and Lemon tea. 
  This is my best of all the two and the easiest toa nd the taste, the cinamon adds this amazing spicy taste to everyhting and i would surgest this over the first one. Prepare it the way you want and honey your taste buds will bup for an amazing treat.
P.S i love using leaves. 



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