The minimal list

I never like trends, in fact I don't follow most of them. I know you are having the questioning face and I am having the answering face on right now. It is simple, I think when it comes to trends a lot of people get into it and destroy it. I know it is a stupid reason but that's just my stupid reason but when I descoved the minimalist trend I was completly dragged in. 

What's not to like, the colors ,the clean cut to almost everything and the fact that everything is earthy and not overdone. I must say it took me a year to get the hang of it, OK I am still trying it and I love it. Main reason ? It just screams my name. Everything says me with this trend and I love it. 

Choose to go with the solid earthy colors. 

P.s- I made the pocket on the shirt and I love the out come.


  1. This is so cute. the minimal trend to me is wearing less items to reduce 'clutter' and making them work. The result always makes me feel clean. ^_^

    1. And the trend is great right. Thanks Mariaane.