The Coat.

 Hey beautiful people, how has your week started. ?

So let's talk about the ripped up pants. The first time I saw them I was 'not for me' until I had no idea what to do with these pants that were definitely a size too big and after playing with the scissors to try something I came up with these and I loved it. Mum hates them though.

So I pared the playfully crazy pants with a coat to give it a serious look and khaki is in so I liked The out come. I added the neck piece to give it a more put up look. Tell me what you think. 


  1. damn!
    talk of uniqueness

  2. i recently did a post on ripped jeans and i must say this is an extreme compared to what i wore...they have always been a no no for me but i'm slowly warming up to them. maybe some day ill go all out and try this.