Relaxed Days.

Ever had those days where you just wanted to chill in bed and watch a marathon of your favorite show while you taking coco or tea and just stay lazy in your pajamas and naked -no make up face- all day? Then someone in your brain area reminds you that you need to get your ass up and work on a post because not only is it for your readers it is also for your own good.

Well that happens to me a lot and yesterday (was when this post was supposed to be up) I had it again. I was in my relaxed mode and I remembered I needed to do this, get it done with. And I liked the out come, the relaxation mode insipered the look.

When you are too high on relaxation pill and you have to run around but you don't fell like looking like a total slob or trying to dethrown Audrey Hepburn ( in my dreams) from her seat, you go with light pieces and light colors AND MOST OF ALL you go with denims. OK for me thats what I like. Denims on tees and something to cover up. And the kimono is still trending so embrace it.

Tell me what you think.


  1. This your red lip aki its hott, I should try this sometime. I love how laid back you look in the pic, cool!

    1. Asante Marianne. Its sleek BTW and yes you should definitely try it hahaha