Collage Lookbook

Hey beautiful people. How you doung ?
So I have come up with a timetable that I will definitely stick to this time. So be expecting posts on Mondays,Wednesday s and Saturdays. Starting next week.

So let's get down to the outfit If you stay in Nairobi then I bet you are experiencing this crazy heat wave that we are having and trust me I ain't a huge fan. OK maybe it allows you to dress in loose and light clothes that show off your legs, tummy and shoulders, so maybe we have an up side but still, I am
If you know me then you know the love I have for buggy vintage looking clothes and these pants are exactly what I wanted. Buggy for the fact that I hate wearing something tight on sunny days that require me to stay in class the hole day. High waisted because they give an illusion that I have long and the fact that I am comfortable in them(thank God they came back) and the vintagey blue look. yaaay. And school time was set. Ok
Would you wear this to school. Tell me what you liked and how you would rock it.

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