Black under the sun

Ever been scared of wearing a whole black outfit on a sunny day. Well I have. I have always been scared, it is like they boost up the heat levels around but that wasn't the case when I wore this dress. 

It had the mid length sleeves that puffed up at the shoulders and I didn't like the way it looked with it so I chopped them off and I thought well I am saving this for later until I ran out of stuff to wear I was like the heck I will fight the sun off and surprisingly I didn't bake up in the dress.

The material was light and the length was amazing for aeration too. The dress is simply simple and I love the fact that I have 1001 ways to wear it.


  1. I thought same to myself last week when I wore a full black outfit on a sunny day. I must have seemed mad to other people.
    Looking gorgeous <3

    1. As long as you comfortable and you slaying in it wear the damn black dress on a sunny day. Thank you Marianne.

  2. i love this look, that hat is winning :)