On Minimal Fashion and Weekend Vibes

When I was around 12 my dad got me this brown Teddy when I was going camping and I got attached to it like glue on paper. Maybe it was because it was from dad or the fact that I just loved how fluffy it was but the main thing is that I got attached to it and couldn't do anything without it. And till now, when I like something the attachment is so real sometimes it hurts the people around me (ask my mum and sisters, they always complain about how selfish I am hahahaha) anyway that attachment has grown on this little dress and the shoes. Simple for a weekend out or hanging with friends. 

I got the dress while thriffting for 30 ksh/- (0.30 dollars) I know , a win right. At first the plunging neck was a turn off but the beading around it was calling my name plus the feel of the material won me over. And if you think this dress is only for a sunny day I will soon show you how to wear it on a cold day.  Tell me what you think. As it

Have a fun week ahead my people and see you next post.


  1. I read it all :P
    Also you need a necklace on that chest, mh.... I got more than one idea, check out Shee Art on Instagram or whatsapp me on 0723598676....


  2. Yoh!! That dress is the shizzles!! If I could raid your closet, that would be what I'd id first pick! It's Yuuum!!!

    1. Thanks Rhee....and if I was to raid your closet I would go for the shoes....thanks mummy for stopping by.