Head Wrap

Sometimes a bad hair day exits the usage of a hat ....hahahaha hello beautiful people.

It has been a while and honestly I had missed doing this and my schedule was totally making it hard to get time for this and after my camera decided it wanted a break what can you do but comply...for a while that is if you get what I mean. Lol.

So lately in Nairobi it has been chilly,especially this week and what comes to your head apart from layering up in sometimes hedious pieces because you don't want to leave your bed and some hot tea(yes am an addict .)  Anyway I wanted to spice things up and wear something that doesn't usually work on chilly rainy days , a dungerie . Yaaay!!?? 
To make me feel warm I wore a sweater and a coat on top to kind of give me the warmth that I needed for the day out and if you feel a bit too cold you could wear a pair of stockings .
Hope you liked it . 
Later beauties.


  1. Looking fierce..I like!


    1. Thanks Linda....you need it with this crazy weather.