Casual Strikes

so how have you been my people, school has just started for me and I am a bit happy about it. Don't ask me why and plus i have this feeling that after two weeks I will be singing a new tune. So i wore this today to keep everything casual and tell me you love the shoes,how cute are they. ok I love them,i have been looking for a pair for like forever but sadly I cant keep them because they belong to my sister who goes to school all the way in Kisumu (Another town from mine) sucks!!! And what kind of sister would I be if I don't steal them for a day right?


  1. I'm loving this, very cool.

  2. That's what sisters were meant for. The simplicity in this outfit makes it so lovable,fun casual. I hope you don't sing a different tune soon, the school term is still young.

  3. Simple and elegant