A Year Passed Outfits Seen.

So the year is coming to an end or it has already, it depends on when you are seeing this post anyway I can stay I am all happy and eager to see 2016 Not because I want to see what it has for me but because I have planned to do a lot of and it is scary when I think of it. Some one once said that if your dreams don't scare you then they ain't that big. Let me stop talking about 2016 and talk about 2015 and what has happened . Yay let's get busy.

1. January | February | March |April
 I worked with an amazing photographer and finally discovered what my style is. It had been a great experience in everything . school .friends, mental growth, spiritual balance I mean I could go on and and on.

2.May |June | July | August .

Now here I took a long break from blogging and I was a bit trying to not look the same as other people. Hahaha funny how you can loose yourself because you want to fit in. Anyway I met new awesome bloggers and made new friends.

3.September |October | November | December .

This short term I lernt a lot about what I wanted . standing out, being diffetrent and alway remembering why. 

Have a fun and amazing 2016 may all your dreams come true .

P.s I had a total different idea for the last post . 

See you next year beautiful people.


  1. I think it's beautiful you are looking back at your past outfits and seeing how much you evolved. I love your outfits but especially the first third of the year. Perhaps it's all the white shirts! Hahaha <3

    Happy new Year and here's to more amazing outfits <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'


  2. Happy new year, your outfits are simply unique. Love them

    Simply Uneeke