Ever wondered how it would be like to be in Vegas??

I think about it all the time and if I was to go (I will go soon, dreams are valid) I would keep everything minimal. Think the heat, think gambling(don't give me that look, yes i would try it), think the beautiful hotetsi and stores. 

I went with the dress because I felling the wind and cool air in a hot place, low shoes definitely because think about it, when you walk around you need to be comfortable right. And the hat, it works. Then this kinda army olive shirt made the look complete. 

Tell me wht you think. 


  1. I've never really thought of going to Lagos but base do what I've heard about all the cool spots there, I'd probably rock some heels thought I do love this look. Your jacket is perfect, I love the khaki colour and the addition of this hat.
    Princess Audu