Well this is the second time am typing this and I hate the fact that i lost the first one (sucks big)  anyway here I am doing it again. Like a good blogger that I am. 
So today I was gojng through my instagram and I saw Bella of Bella the coffee berry kinda having the same outfit post and I must say I was freaked out if i should  post or not but I went with post because Bella is amazing and having the same kimda outfit posg pos ideas is cool, right? *

Hehe anyway, if you live in Nairobi you are then feeling the crazy weather change.  Like extra cold in the morning and waaayyy hot at around noon.  So I had this idea that a light knit on will keep the cold away and still keep you in style, right. 

Tell me what you think. 

Tee¦Mr Price. 
Pants ¦Thriffted. 
Shoes ¦old
Knitted kimono like sweater¦Thriffted 
Belt¦was mum's. 




  1. Loving this look to bits. It's definitely a look I'd wear especially with this weather. The sweater is my favorite. I saw Bella's version too and you both nailed it.
    I remember once going through the re-posting phase which is a bitch honestly especially when you've done almost all the editing and something interferes causing you to re-do the post. Am glad you posted though, it's such a well paired outfit.

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  2. Girl, you slayed this one! I love it!