OUTFIT | Floral & Warm

I am writing this with a lot of pain and heart break and honestly I have just been inspired to write a song about it.  

Have you ever wanted something do bad because you knew how much it coud change your life and the people around you and when you loose it you feel like your heart just had a stake driven into it.  Like your throat is closing up and your soul is as dark as the pit hole. Well thats how I feel now. 

Anyway down to the outfit.  I have been going with this flow of being warm with this crazy weather which invoves a lot of sweaters. 

I have been having this dress for a year now and i have never known how to pair it until now.  The opportunity popped up when the Nairobi weather decided to be wierd and unpredictable. I liked the flower prints on it.  Kind of reminded me of a summer day.  I went with stocking for the cold and low shoes.  The hat just had to be there. 

See you later beautiful people. 

Please tell me what you think. 

Hat| Thriffted 50/-
Dress| Thriffted
Sweater| handed down by mum 
Stocking | sisters 



  1. Lovely..


  2. I love how you always add a hat to your outfit and look so chic and beautiful. Lovely dress and the pop of olive green adds an exciting feeling to your whole look.

    1. A hat never disapoints grace. Thank you.

  3. Such a great look. I love the hat. I also have clothes that I have had for a while until I figure out how to style them. Great job.

    M.Dee | Duty Free Dame