Tumblr CHECK 2

I am writing this on my way to see a friend,currently obssesed with Robin Schulz as the sun goes down  and Ghost by Hasley which the video is pure genius. And with that aside I would like to apologize for no post lately, it has just been a crazy roller coaster that I hope will end soon. The ups and down and not forgetting the crazy speed has me feeling like I will hurl any time BUT don't get me wrong I am not giving up on blogging.

With that said lets get down to today's post which. It's that time again where you get to see what I have been up to or rather what tickles my fancy on tumblr. So lets start.

                                      1.Interior Design.

Is it possible to blame the cold for eating too much junk. But I work out too.



                                              5.Beautiful Views.

So I had no idea what the tittle of these pictures could be so I went with Beautiful Views. Don't judge.

See you next time lovies.



  1. i should join tumbler but i don't know the difference between pintrest and it :(


  2. I've oohd and aaahd at the beautiful interior decor and the images will stick in my head for a while....sigh!Obsessed with white rooms!