Marvin hat AND Cropped

Hello beautiful people how y'all been? Am ready to start my weekend.

Lately I have been having an obbsesion with showing my mid section (I call it the Kendal Jenner effect, I am crazy with her fashion sense and I admit that some are a bit crazy, some look like her big siz Kim K and some are just mind blowing.) 

I had lunch with a friend and I went for this look. I opted for a Marvin hat because I was having a bit of a bad hair situation and hats are always a life saver, right? Low shoes are always an answer for me and these babies (that have made a couple of appearance on the blog) that look like boy shoes were my go to shoes. And finally a skirt that hugs everything to complete the Kendal effect. I think every woman should have a skirt like this, stretchy but not too much and plus it works well for work right??

The look I was aiming for was a bit boyish and chick.
Tellm!e why you think.

Marvin Hat| Thriffted.
Chain neck piece|Old (I found it in my closet, I think it was from a bag)
Crop Top|Thriffted.
Skirt|Here and Here
Coat |Thrifted

Hope to see you soon. Have a fab weekend.


  1. I think this is my best look of you so far! Slay!!

  2. someone went hard here :) a gangster trying to pop ha? lol looking good though

    1. Hahaha i love the gangster look. I was so going for that.

  3. amazing blog post :)

    I have shared your post :D



  4. You nailed it Mami!! Sema Gangsta vibes....a little more goth lippie and it would have been the perfect gangsta look.
    Way to go with the crop got the body to flaunt.
    Always a pleasure being here.

    1. Thank you Linet. I haven't yet reached my want to body but I am slowly getting there.

  5. Replies
    1. They broke the dullness of the outfit. Thank you Audu

  6. I'm also obsessed with Kylie's style! She's definitely got the it factor. Love this look! Tomboyish with a touch of girly with the fitted skirt...nice! I just love dresses/skirts paired with sneakers, gives off a casual but cool vibe.