Blogger STYLE SWAP - Linet

One of the fun things about blogging is a collaboration and I am happy to say that I have collaborated with Linet of Pretty In My Skin to do a blogger style swap. OK this post was due a long time ago but my camera has been acting up so I lost most of the imagesso now  I had to take this photos with my Phone. 

 so the challenge was to do an all white theme thing and add a bit of yourself in the post and well I thought a little bit of myself is definitely a hat. I love hats so bad it is disease. 

 I Also came up with the sweater because of the cold. If you live in Nairobi you know how cold and rainy the weather has been and word of advise don't wear all white with the rain and mud especially if you will be running up and down town.

Hat|Gikomba 300/-
Sweater| thriftted 20/-
pants| thrifted 40/-
Shoes| thrifted 300 (old )
Here is how liner did it.
Here  is how she did my style.
Hope you have a good day. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. You look so good in white....I love how you did the challenge. So sorry about the camera, it will all work out for the better.