If you are a blogge, especially a fashion  blogger you have proberbly gone through this or you might go through it. 
Ssometime February I had a performance that I was freaked out about and I ended up focusing so much on practising and forgetting that I had to pick up what I was going to wear (it's true, stylists help celebrities a lot.) So I pick up the shadiest pants and tee that really didn't work.  I cringe at the thought of what I was planning on putting on. My dear awesome friend ended helping me pick out what to wear.
I liked what she picked out what I didn't like was the comment after.  She started parading around all happy (am not mad at her don't get me wrong) that she has dressed a blogger. A fashion blogger.  That meant that I needed to know everything about fashion.
Well in this world we are all learners even if you are the best at what you do, you always learn right. And I started a fashion blog not because I know what am doing, I am sharing what I have with you and whoever likes what I have down well and good ,if you hate it then fine.
I get ideas from different places. Like other blogs, fashion magazines, runways, what's trending and a lot of street wear and I add a bit of me in every outfit. I try to make it mine you know. 
I also put what I think On my blog. How I think it should be worn.
So don't read into a fashion blogger's sloppiness wrong. I think I speak for most fashion bloggers when I say we have days where we have massive BRAIN FARTS. And we are also human.

Skirt |Here
 Shirt | Here
 Shoes | Bata.


  1. Its been a while, glad you back.
    You look lovely Hun. I dig your pencil skirt and how dressed down this look is.


  2. True and true hun. Love the pencil skirt! I need to try more of those on my blog!

    Cara @ www.xocara.com