ERRAND RUN (boy meets girl)

Ok sorry no post lately but I am here to stay... Lol 
So lately for my break I have been enjoying it under my duvet, taking a whole lot of tea, listening to Oh wonder by shark illenium rmx and reading young adult books.  I swear I am addicted.  There are days that I miss my night sleep, oh my life hehehe. I mean we all need to live in a fantacy world once in a while. Lol 
I have blown my own mind with how fast I am, it takes me a day or two to finish a single book.  Damn. Clearly I have nothing to do. 

So I had some errands to run and I didn't feel like dolling up so I took my mommy denim pants (which are my new addiction)  added my brother's white shirt and some kitten heels to make it comfy to walk around in.  

 I love this vintage looking watch.  One of my favorite gifts from mummy. 
 I opened a few extra buttons of the shirt to give it a feminine touch. 
 So my hair tales are weak and two cornrows will do a push for some days or a week(with good care that is). 

So tell me what you think. 
Shirt |Brother's. |Pants|Gikomba. Shoes |Bus station. Watch|Gifted. Ear rings|Gifted. 


  1. "New addiction"..if only I was a newbie here, but am not.
    You, my dear have nailed the mummy jeans look cause you look great, Love the white theme.

    1. Hahahah true linet... I am addicted to these babies and i ain't ashamed hahaha.
      Thank you love.

  2. Hiya babe, u look amazing i love the outfit and ur hair. it goes perfectly with this outfit. and i can relate i havent been blogging as much recently because ive been too busy laying under my duvet looool x its good to have a time off blogging sumtimes x
    thanks for sharing this with us.

    NEW DIY post on my blog.

    Have a lovely week!
    Stay in touch.

    Dominica S.