1.Girly girl. 

Now this out fit is for those days you feel like letting your inner girly girl roam the streets. Lol. I saw this dress and my brian quickly jumped to high tea in Britain with the queen. I love it.
So throw a good blazer and flats and it makes a good  girly out fit for the office.  Whats your take.
Blazer|Thriffted-ngara (old) 

2.Grunge tumblr day. 

So by the heading on this outfit you have figured out that I love tumblr if not then.... Mmmmmmhhh...  Idk what to say to that. Ok I am a huge tumblr fan. It is my second best app after instagram.  I spend more time on tumblr than on instagram.
So why the name....? The T-shirt. The whole beachy thing that looks like its fading - awesome - then the fact that the pants are cut out on the knees (sorry I forgot to straighten the pants). A black cardigan for the crazy weather and vualla...
Tee|Thriffted 20/=
Cardigan |sister's 
Pants|Thriffted 50/= 

3.Checked and plain tee. 

Every woman shuld have a plain white tee that can not be said enough. Add a good blazer to geouge upbthe look.
Tee|mr price 700/=
Pants|thrifted old
Hat |thrifted 500/=

4.  Bow it up. 

This look explains itself. The ripped jeans have a boyish feel the bow on the sweat tee makes it girly and a round hat finishes the look.
I LOVE THIS HAT. it will be the death of me. Lol
Sweatshirt |thriffted 40/=
Hat |on top outfit. 

Sorry for not posting lately, I have been held up in school and all. Too busy can't wait for this week to end to have a break and get to posting. This semester has been too over whelming on me. I feel like a zombie. Lol.
Hope to see you soon



  1. Looks like blog got a new look!!
    Love love it!!


  2. I hear you gal, can't wait to be done with school.
    I love all the looks....the girly look and the destroyed pants are my favorite though....plus the sequined bow.


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