Happy New Month people, I am stocked about this new month who isn't right. Ok I am going to start with an embarrassing moment that happened today morning, what a way to start your morning month. So I was chilling in the school cafeteria alone in the morning(that's usually my thing every morning,recollect and get my thoughts together before the class and also enjoy free WI-FI) so a friend passed by and said hi and I couldn't see her so what looked like total ignorance and bad mocking face I was actually trying to make out her face because without my glasses I am hopeless. What a morning. She had on that bitchy face of why ?? did I do anything wrong.
Outfit deets now. Part two of the MONOCHROME SERIES.
tee/ random in town
coat/ thrifted
I kept everything simple,no accessories her. This look could work for work or a day out. Just add on your favorite pair of killer heels and you good. Remember that to keep the whole monochrome thing going on have black or white killer heels. Note the emphasis on killer
Tell me what you think. 
See you next time bunnies. XoXo
 photography by Shaka Guru


  1. Haha you need to see a pastor about those eyes! Love the skirt doll!

  2. I am also hopeless without my specs lol I'm practically blind so I can totally relate. That skirt is really cute and you're right about the killer heels, I can already picture the look with black pigalle pumps.

    1. Hahaha.. I know what you mean..... Thank you for stopping by

  3. I totally dig this look..with killer heels though. Love the coat, and the prints on the skirt.

  4. Amazing, love your style!

    Alice Cerea,
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  5. Awesome pictures..don't you look lovely...