It was dusty so excuse the shoes lol
I chose these beeded bracelets. Wore them two to create a chunky look They are simply cute. Ohh I got them for 10/-each.
Sorry for not posting regularly, well apart from being busy at school and trying out new things I honestly dont get time but i will create time I mean I love BLOGING. It makes my life look sane. Truth be told if I am not on my blog I am looking at other peoples blogs for INSPO. 
Well I  decided to start a series on monochrome. I mean thats the simplest thing one can wear and it has a 100% chance of not getting it wrong just have the right fitting and its all fine with you.  
Tell me what you think about everything. 
HAT|100/- thrifted
White tee- random in town for 30/-

Photos by the amazing  Shaka Guru

TIP: when buying a wide brim hat make sure you try it on to see if it fits. Remember that apart from wide brim hats being a huge fashion trend now they polish up your. 
See you Friday. XoXo. 


  1. Shaka did an amazing job doll!! Can I have that hat?lol!!xx
    The hat is priceless!


  2. I'm totally in love with your style!

    Alice Cerea,

  3. You nailed it Almasi, this look is so functional. So in love with the hat, n the shoes too.