Hello bunnies how you been .....well between school music and trying to find a good camera and photographer I am good....sipping on a lot of tea though and tuskys buns.....I am addicted. Is it the fact that the wheat seeds create this illusion that you are eating something healthy.hahahahahha
Sorry I haven't been posting lately I have been struggling with inspiration and good pictures.
 Ok so ever had those days where you feel like you want to look relaxed but at the same time have that put together thing going on. Something like from the couch to work...well  I wore denims and vest, added a bit of a coat to make it put up. If you want it to be more put together wear your beat black heels ...I prefer strap heels with a good bag and you are good for that Friday hope you enjoyed.
Vest / gifted .
Denims/gikomba for 50 ksh 
Coat /ngara 
Shoes/ nakumat 
Thank you for stopping by Xo.


  1. Love how you style these mommy jeans.

  2. so beautiful.You look lovely

  3. Love the jeans and how you pulled your hair back

  4. Definitely my kind of style!!! I love this look!... I thought I was the only one who had a thing for Tusky's buns haha! Craving one right now... :-)