Here I am laying on my bed nursing a bad stiff neck and thinking that this neck will keep me away from posting on my style  so let me come up with a new page and here it is ....welcome!!!

Maybe you don't know but I am a hudge fan of black tea ( mum got me addicted ) I should switch to green tea that is much more healthier and can I say I love my mum's big mugs (and a secret I like to take tea in them with lipstick on) . I think they can make a good appearance on tumblur.

I am reading the rose garden and its a good book .  It is on PDF reason is I couldn't find a copy in any of the shops I looked in ( they were only two shops). I have to admit I am a bit slow when it comes to looking for something when there is an easier way out. ( sad tales)

I have found two blogs that keep me glued to my computer zang and frunettte . They are like my current must see blogs.

I can't stop thinking about feeding my current obsession which is knitted wear. I am constantly thinking of a way to wear them before July. The harsh thought of them sitting in my closet till July is painful.

I am addicted to pintrest,Instagram and tumblur. Want to know where I go when I want crazy everything inspiration -Tumblur- . I can spend hours just glued to my screen.

I can't wait for this months couture magazine . I am like a kid waiting for Christmas. Ahhhh and yes I need to shop too. Time for a serious wardrobe upgrade (pu ...pum pum pump it up)

Anyway see you next time . Thank you for visiting


  1. The cover of the book seems interesting? What genre is it?

    Princess Audu

  2. beautiful!
    Kisses from Miami,

  3. I love Round glasses :-)
    Reading on a lazy day always feels like a productive day to me :-P

  4. I hope your neck fills better..have a splendid new year dear x

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  6. Girl!! you and me both on the knitted wear, the sun needs to take several seats lol! Feel better soon dear.

  7. i like reading romance and stuffs
    anyways hop ur neck is fine now?