Hello bunnies, oh where are my manners Happy new month. Who is as happy as I am... I mean its DECEMBER.  So happy about it, I love this month so much. The decorations, the tree, the food oh yeah THE FOOD. I speak as if I have everything under control ( fit wise) lol any way tha ks giving....I hadn't or rather haven't talked about it.  What am I thankful for, why am I thankful and who am I thankful goes the list. 
            1-I am thankful for my family 
.           2- I am thankful for my best friend.
            3- I am thankful the lessons I hqve learnt this yeah.
            4- I am thankful for the fact that I am in school 
.           5- I am thankful for the things I have accomplished.
And I am thankful to God.
So now to business,  I was in my own world walking around the market -buying groceries when  I heard this man shouting 20ksh yeah 20 bob lol so I decided to try out and see what he was selling and boy oh boy he had some pretty good stuff.  So here is one of the items I got.

This sweater top is what I got. It is awfully comfortable ,its colour is AMAZING and it is good. Lol.
Yeap I got it for 20/- thats like 2 cents( dollars ) .
The shoes-old
Sweater top - thrift.
Hey tell me you likr my hair because I LOVE IT.

See you guys around XOXO...
I have a tone of work I need to get back too.


  1. Beautiful top! And I like how you combined white shoes :)

    1. Thank you Mayu..... and thank you for visiting.

  2. What a great steal! At 2 cents, it's practically free. Also, the color yellow looks so good against your complexion.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  3. I know was kinda free. Hahahahahaa I love it so much, thank you Brittney for stopping by.