Total Slow Monday

Hello bunnies, how's your Monday so far....mine good bad I donkey know what to say anymore. It is bad...well was bad the day is finally done and guess Who is the happiest of them all Yeah ME
I lost my I.D Where idk
I am partly sleepy
I just got badly called out in class to answer a question that I had No idea How to do it reason being I was asking How to get the freaking thing done.
The list can go on and on and on but that aside and into serious matters and that is not letting a bad day spoil my week. I have alot to think about
1. The  cat That's due on Wednesday
2. Some crazy group work that is due I think next Wednesday
3. Arrange a double date with a friend.
4. Figure out what to wear for Mr and Miss USIU.
OK I had a presentation in the morning today and the outfit I went for was lazy and still classy I got ideas from Aria... PLL but I had to add a coat since it was a but chilly and gloomy in the morning.
So thats How I dressed and now I have to go...have a productive week my bunnies... mwaaah

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