That Satarday.

So maybe I am the meanest person in this planet,  no am not - a Saturday is meant to spend time with your FOOD. Yes I said it -food - Hahahahahahahahaha. I am that girl who when she gets tired of school and staying home I go out with friends, for lunch and we split the bills. (chronicles of a jobless broke girl).
After convincing myself that going out for lunch wasn't a SO MEAN thing to my family (reason as to why I am saying it was kinda mean is that I told everyone I was going to a group discussion.... I just didn't want mum to start her -when did we last go for lunch together - talk. ) my friends and I hut TRM for lunch and after that we had some time to do a bit of window shopping. 
Anyway How was your Saturday.
Thank you for stopping by XoXo. See you next time.


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