Past The Event.

So how you better than I was yesterday. I know I know what right.. I was sick and guess what the sickness demons decided to attack on Friday MORNING.  I tried looking for a sole that can buy my ticket but one was interesed. Anyway i am better and will have some pictures of Mr and Miss USIU later.
So over the weekend I got dumped lol....why am I laughing??  Because its funny. I know most chicks would be crying and don't get me wrong I would to if it was like six months ago, I am not that stiffy strong chick when it comes to the matters of the heart. So why am I not crying you ask?? Its because we rushed,  I didn't like the guy. I dated him (for three weeks) because he did something that most guys find hard to do...or maybe the douche bags lol.... so I liked what he did but not him. You get my drift lol. So that was my weekend how was yours.
To serious matters, ever had that white shirt that you have no idea how to style it up. Well I had a brainstorming idea over the weekend. I paired this baby up with my white shorts and kept the make up simple. 
So here are some of the pictures.

The shirt -kinda my brother's
shorts -Gikomba
ngoma- my sisters ...Nakumatt.
So here are the pictures from m
See you later bunnies....
Ohh and listen to Meghan Trainor......I am soo addicted to her songs especially FUTURE HUSDAND


  1. i know that song love it as well....
    looking good in all white and your beauties (usiu) are stunners

  2. So creative that you took your brother'a shirt.
    You are rocking it :)

  3. Thank you Demi for the compliment and thank you for stopping by

  4. Its amazing what you did with the white your hair too.