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Hello bunnies HAPPY NEW MONTH am so happy why you may think its close to December and what happens December.... Christmas yaaaaaay. I am a Christmas freak, the familly time and the FOOD who doesn't like Christmas!
Instagram is my guilty pleasure, it is like a part of me, something or an app that keeps me on my toes and now I bet you asking Why....answer simple INSPIRATION.  I am talking about food, fashion, DIYs, holiday destinations and a whole bunch of people who are doing good for themselves and make you think ' hey what am I doing'. So maybe now you asking who the fridge am I following.??..  Well I follow the these guys bellow.
Now this hot lady is BANGING fly no lie. She is a Kenyan lady who I can say has come  a long way from who she was way back in high-school (yeah we went to the same school together ). She will show you crazy hair regimes and good workouts...( more like I  lost weight and you still packing them up way) plus she has also joined the capital fm news crew. Congratulations girl.
If I aint mistaken she works for the south African True Love and boy oh boy is her style amazing.
She is the a vj for MTV and boy oh boy can she really work that bald head. I like her in every thing.....ok honesty most of the things she puts on.
I think they are working with NKA FASHIONISTA. I sonlove her instagram page. Good style, amazing people and good taste.
So you remember teen republic, Anitta Nderu's replacement her instagram page is insane and I like Really!!!.
So those are my top five most fashion crazy people on instagram. Next time I will feature food and exercises page other than that see you bunnies and have a fab weekend.


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