Good Day .

So today was good day....I didn't think it would be such a good day Darn.
OK my normal routine is usually get up (That's on a Tuesday and Thursday ) actually fight with mum to get up, ague with mum for like an hour for not waking my ass up (she doesn't get tge part Where I slept late) . I do my chores and get a bit of some sleep then get a bit of a nap then get late for school ohhh my class on these two days are like from three thirty to five, but today, today was an amazing day... woke up early, didn't fight with mum, didn't take my nap and well guess it I didn't get late for class yeeepie.  To add to all that I actually have two ideas for what to wear for Mr and Miss USIU and I have found my I.D talk about lady luck being with me.
On another note I had to pick what to wear today and I picked something so wrong I feel like stabbing my self to death.( I think it's because it's been a while since I went shopping for new clothes....Yeah it's been a while I really need to get out there and fast).
The first look was some my Micky mouse sweat shirt tribal tights until I realised I don't have that much hips to make it look hippie so I went to change and wore my floral pants.
OK you bee the judge I was going for a simple Tuesday laid back look and here us what I look like.

That was the second look now here are the first pictures.
I think that avacado at the back wanted a picture time. 
On a nother note i am so in love with my nail polish and my bag that I proudly got on my own anyway this post was surposed to be Mikey meets tibal but chose to change.
Thank you for visiting and see you next time.

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