Coffee And My View.

So it's Sunday and am not going to lie I (not proud) didn't go to church and the reason is dumb really dumb (don't do what I did ) I basically,  chose a Saturday night to catch up on my SUPERNATURAL and boy Oh boy it is major good.  I just have to say -why did I stop - . The drama, the crazy Bible taken stories the BROMANCE hahahahahahhha. Just so you know I stayed up all night and what's keeping me from sleeping is this

I know you wondering why i had to take the cup out and why i was drinking coffee when the sun was out .....well  I needed to keep sleep away and get ready for Monday and yes I think I have started enjoying coffee. It kinda keeps your head sain.
My view: I am a huge fan of social media and when I was going through my google plus i saw this lady who was stripped down because she was dressed 'inapropriately'. 
Inapropriately- really that's the best that they could come up with. These useless men who are idle. I am sorry to say this because not all touts are bad and mannerless but get a woman who has been harrased and about 95% of them will say touts. I had one who took his ugly hand and grabbed my boob. I was in town and he was calling people to the (matatu) . You can picture how buffled I was like what was he thinking. I totally looked like a girl who just finished high school. WHY,WHO gave him the right? as scared as I was I grabbed my coat around me tighter and walked away ashamed like I was the one who was on the wrong.
Anyway  the whole point of the story is that these men are not going to  change, thats the sadest part and why did they undress her . Couldnt someone tell her -your outfit is not good- or simply look away . It was her choice to dress like that. Is it her right ? YES IT IS. Is it right for you to undress her ? NO . Public humiliation should be for something huge. Like the rapist but what are we doing about it well let me seee.....mmmmmm! ALOT OF NOTHING REALLY. How many cases have gone no  ...NO JUSTICE for the WOMEN.
SO before you do something stupid, say like stripping a woman naked in town because she is dressed inapropriately picture if its your daughter, sister, mother or friend.
Anyway see you next time ...have a fab week.