Hello bunnies, how's your week so far. Mine is well, carzy, it seems like it's going to be another weekend of me staying indoors and finishing my work.
So on Tuesday i found really amazing stuff....four pieces for... wait for it less than 100 ksh -(less than a dollar) and these pieces are great I can't wait to share with you as soon as possible post. I promise I will do a post on them.
Anyway todays look I was going for supper comfy girl meets boy look. Kept it simple on everything.

I did a shirt and sweat pants . I like my sweats they are so freaking comfy no one has ever complained. I live in mine (lol).
On my head-I did two corcornrows Since my hair was falling apart. The weather Has been good but not friendly on my hair. I am trying to grow it and letting the weather mess it up aint an option.
I have noticed that I  dont put on alot of accesories reason idk. I will start wearing some I mean they are a girls best friend right but I tried to accesorize with some loop earings.
The bennie was to cover up my cornrows end because my hair is short and I also look funny in cornrows.
Sweatpants - Ngara.
Bennie-Random in town.
Earings -town.
Shoes-old (Gikomba).
AnyWay see you soon my bunnies and have a good rest of the week.


  1. Simple but still stylish. Love the Chanel detail on the tee. Wish I could do cornrows and get away with it.

  2. HAhhahahaha its hard work to make you hair natural long and healthy so trust me when i say i have worked hard. Thank you for stopping by Linet.