Boho Chick.

Hello bunnies,well today I had a better wake up and all :so I can write. Let me start by explaining why I couldn't write on my last post
                 1-I had a long day in school. I had an assignment that was due
                     at nine in the morning but my email jumped up. I had to do the
                      the whole thing from scratch (yeap picture that)
                 2-I had a crazy case of the munchies. Trust Me it is waaaaaay
          3-That guy that I totally like in one of my class is totally ignoring . Is
that even legal.
     4-Had an exercise that is a bit brutal to my bones so I am learning to
Leave with the sores.
Anyway lately I have been running out of ideas on how to put stuff together, really I know I know, why is the question that is on my mind to. Sooooo if the brain has refused to work I look for inspiration ,from everywhere really.
.       Pinterest.( this has been my new favorite application) so funny that everywhere revolves around these two apps.
and yesterday I had this crazy argue to do boho chick. So here goes what I wore.
           Skirt -mum's
.          Shirt-mum's but it's now mine.
          Vest - gifted.
Anyway thank you for stopping by and see you next time.

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