The Exam And Food Week.

So if you follow me on twitter (which am sure most of you don't and plus the last time i Tweeted was like ages ago) then you know it is exams week in my world and boy oh boy don't i hate exams week...nah nah nah exams period. Its a world stuck between books and more piles of books and staying up late (I take my grades serious, it doesn't matter if it's end semester exams or mid semester exams, hey it doesn't even matter if it's the CATS that pop up after like five weeks. I NEVER like looking stupid) ohhh shoot i forgot about the food, ohh the food on EXAMS WEEK always tastes better and your stomach always wants more of it ( I am addicted to friez.....if you are in USIU you know what I am taking about.
So today I had one of those days, those days where you feel like literally sleeping in and watch cartoon network all day but you have to because you have really important things to do so my choice of clothes(remember in the morning was  bit chilly) so I put my jumper over my pajama t-shirt. I had this crazy thought that it won't shine the whole day. I have been having an A-fro for two weeks and I was lazy to comb it up  so the crazy (matuta) on my head i covered them up with a fedora hat.
What I forgot was that you cant go into the exam room with a hat. I wish you saw me rush in the bathroom after an hour of studding. Well I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I will have the before and after pictures.
But first am starting with what happens when I study,FOOD.

These are before pictures.I was in the library.

AND THAT'S HOW I STUDY and it reached a place I started looking at good blogs and DARN I GOT GOOD ONES.


That was after some lipstick and my spectacles that finished the look.

Amazing what you can do if you have all the things that make your world go round in you bag.
Anyway see you later and thank you for stopping by and just as the by the way the exam that i was reading for was awwwww,fine.
Anyway see you later XOXO

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